New Village Press

has been a publisher in the humanities and social sciences since 2005, best known for transdisciplinary books in urban sociology, community cultural development, and healthy city design. Our titles aim to animate emerging movements in societal transformation with true stories about collaborative community building and the creative new roles that artists and scholars, citizens and planners can play in public life.

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Library of Arabic Literature

Supported by a grant from the New York University Abu Dhabi Institute, and established in partnership with Ҵý, the offers Arabic editions and English translations of significant works of Arabic literature, with an emphasis on the seventh to nineteenth centuries. The Library of Arabic Literature thus includes texts from the pre-Islamic era to the cusp of the modern period, and encompasses a wide range of genres, including poetry, poetics, fiction, religion, philosophy, law, science, history, and historiography.

Books in the series are edited and translated by internationally recognized scholars. They are published in parallel-text and English-only editions in both print and electronic formats. PDFs of Arabic editions are available for free download. The Library of Arabic Literature also publishes distinct scholarly editions with critical apparatus and a separate Arabic-only series aimed at young readers.

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Monthly Review Press

Since 1999, NYUP has been distributing to the book trade. magazine and its book publishing arm, Monthly Review Press, have been leading publishers of left scholarship since 1949. Our mission is to educate readers in critical analyses of capitalism and to provide a responsible platform for neglected and emerging scholarship on a wide range of progressive issues. Our tax-exempt status is predicated on our mission as an educational publisher promoting socialist scholarship and filling a demonstrable educational gap. Our publications aim for accessibility and clarity.

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American Literatures Initiative

The American Literatures Initiative is a collaborative book publishing program, supported by a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, to create new opportunities for publication in under-served and emerging areas of the humanities.

This five-press publishing collaboration—New York University Press, Fordham University Press, Rutgers University Press, Temple University Press, and the University of Virginia Press—will confront the publishing crisis in literature and literary studies, where the annual number of university press books has declined steeply in recent years, placing younger scholars at a disadvantage when writing their first books.

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Early American Places

Our collective goal is to establish Early American Places as one of the most important homes for field-defining first books about early American history. Partner presses will acquire in their delineated geographic areas. Responsibility for signing books will reside with editors at the individual presses involved, who will be governed by their institutions’ guidelines and practices concerning peer review, editorial board approval, manuscript revisions, and contracts. Books in the series will be marketed through a joint effort by the three collaborating publishers, and at the .

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NOMOS is the annual yearbook of the American Society for Political and Legal Philosophy. The ASPLP was begun in 1955 by Carl Friedrich to bring together a group of political scientists, philosophers and law scholars interested in exploring legal and political philosophy outside of their home disciplines. The main activity of the society is its annual meeting held on a topic chosen in advance by the ASPLP membership, at which three papers—one from each of the participating disciplines—are presented. The society publishes these papers, along with formal commentary and invited additional essays, in the NOMOS volumes.

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ISAW Monographs

ISAW Monographs publishes authoritative studies of new evidence and research into the texts, archaeology, art history, material culture, and history of the cultures and periods representing the core areas of study at NYU’s Institute for the Study of the Ancient World. The topics and approaches of the volumes in this series reflect the intellectual mission of ISAW as a center for advanced scholarly research and graduate education whose aim is to encourage the study of the economic, religious, political, and cultural connections between ancient civilizations, from the Western Mediterranean across the Near East and Central Asia, to China. 

For more about ISAW’s ongoing projects, visit .

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Clay Sanskrit Library

, co-published by Ҵý and the JJC Foundation, has been created to introduce classical Sanskrit literature to a wide international readership. This literature combines great beauty, enormous variety and more than three thousand years of continuous history and development.

For many interested readers, access to this vast treasure store has been hindered by an unfamiliar language and a difficult script. The new Clay Sanskrit Library makes everything easier: the Sanskrit text, written in familiar Roman letters, faces the English translation, and the convenient pocket size (4.5″ X 6.5″) is both elegant and practical. Each book, with a handsome jacket, retails for only $22.00.

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Ҵý partners with the (SSRC) on a joint publishing imprint. Ҵý publishes and distributes original scholarship derived from SSRC research and programs. Independent and not-for-profit, the SSRC is a leading organization for interdisciplinary, innovative public social science. The SSRC is a pioneer in the social sciences, building international networks, mobilizing knowledge on important public issues, and educating and training the next generation of social science researchers.

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Wits University Press

Wits University Press is strategically placed at the crossroads of African and global knowledge production and dissemination. We are committed to publishing well-researched innovative books for both academic and general readers. Our areas of focus include art and heritage, popular science, history and politics, biography, literary studies, women’s writing and select textbooks.

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University of Regina Press

A little house on the prairie with big ambitions, University of Regina Press (URP) publishes books that matter—in both academic and trade formats. Their non-fiction trade books tend towards the hard-hitting, while most of their scholarly titles are accessible to non-specialists. They endeavour to develop writers into public intellectuals, encourage debate, and inspire young people to study the humanities by publishing books that are both seen and relevant. 

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University of Guam Press

The University of Guam Press (UOG Press) is excited to partner with Ҵý to make books about Guam and Micronesia available to the world.

UOG Press’s mission is to advance regional scholarship, develop cultural literacy, and expand accessibility to knowledge about Micronesia. We fulfill this purpose through publications and projects guided by the values of Guam’s Indigenous CHamoru culture, particularly inadahi yan inagoi’e’—to take care of ourselves, others, and the environment by living in harmony together.

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Fonograf Editions

Established in 2016, Fonograf Editions is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit press and literary record label based in Portland, OR. We exist to take risks that push the boundaries of sound, text, and genre. In particular, Fonograf Editions values the interdisciplinary, experimental, and unclassifiable, and we strive to bring to life works that resist, bend, and break expectations. We prioritize public access by making a component of each of our releases available for free to the public (such as streaming audio online) and by hosting multiple free community events each year.

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