Fonograf Editions

Established in 2016, Fonograf Editions is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit press and literary record label based in Portland, OR. We exist to take risks that push the boundaries of sound, text, and genre. In particular, Fonograf Editions values the interdisciplinary, experimental, and unclassifiable, and we strive to bring to life works that resist, bend, and break expectations. We prioritize public access by making a component of each of our releases available for free to the public (such as streaming audio online) and by hosting multiple free community events each year.

Fonograf Editions titles have been featured, highlighted and reviewed at outlets such as The New York Times, The Paris Review Daily, Publishers Weekly, Poets & Writers, Artforum, The New York Times Book Review, Frieze, Ჹ’s, and The London Review of Books, among others.

Inspired by the work of the multitudinous artist , BUNNY is an imprint of the non-profit press/label . Publishing a wide variety of works, BUNNY is looking towards the future while thinking about the past.